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Agni Tmt Steel Bar Dealers in Tirupur

The Backbone of good construction is quality steel rods

We are driven by what we create. Crafting a high calibre product at good value for customers is the fundamental objective of The Royal Steels. Every batch of steel bars that leaves our factories also brings with it the weight of this objective. It is the reason we strive on a daily basis for our steel bars to be better tomorrow than it is today. At Agni Steel we value our customer’s belief in our product and ensure that we do not let them down.

It is important to us that we consistently provide a high quality product with good value. Our manufacturing processes at every step of the way are leading edge, sophisticated and standardized to ensure consistent quality.

Agni Tmt Steel Bar Dealers in Tirupur

Company Profile

The foundation stone for our very first plant was laid in the year 1989 in Ingur, Perundurai, Erode District, Tamil Nadu.

The rise of Agni Steels over the years can be seen through the growth of our original factory. A humble but functional facility that featured our first installation of a 3 ton induction furnace in 1992, today it is a massive plant that produces quality steel bars and includes 2 sets of a 15 ton induction furnace, increasing our capacity fivefold.

Featuring a state of the art, completely automated manufacturing set up, our factory has been subjected to aggressive expansion and upgrades to keep up with demand and rising quality benchmarks.

Through the years, we have consistently upgraded our facilities to meet increasing demand and our own exacting quality standards. In the year 1996, we expanded outside Tamil Nadu with the construction of a factory in Kerala with a 5 ton Induction Furnace and an additional 3 Ton in 1997.

Our Success

Agni Tmt Steel Bar Dealers in Tirupur

The story of Agni Steels began 25 years ago, but the moral remains unchanged. Providing a good quality, reliable product at great value to our customers has and always will be our fundamental goal. The only way to achieve this goal, is delivering satisfaction to our invaluable customers. It is with this belief that the foundation of Agni Steels was laid at Ingur, Perundurai Taluk, Erode district, Tamil Nadu in the year 1989. , it is the same goal that drives us today.

As we look back at our journey over the last 25 years, we realize that the growth of Agni Steels has been unprecedented, considering our humble roots. From an annual turnover of Rs.8 crores in the FY 1992-93, we recorded an annual turnover of Rs.320 crores in the FY 2016-17. This is evidenced by our growing distribution network that currently comprises of 450 dealers in 3 states Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Also, Agni Steels is amongst the few in the secondary steel sector with an ICRA Rating of BBB (Stable).

However, our devotion to quality and good value is what continues to drive us today and in the future. Which is why we believe in manufacturing high quality steel, but delivering satisfaction.